Kirk James Hall

Kirk James Hall - 4 Others Not U

The only one who can really help you is you. The power you have is in your testinomy.
Hurting people, hurt themselves and hurt others. Our true power to overcome starts from
within. Take your power back confess it, then address it.  You have to take it back and
release others .  Watch your life transform. This is a place where all can share their own
stories. It can be in writing. It can be in music, it can be in art, visual and fine . This is a
place for you to learn that when you share with the world, you are actually helping yourself.
This is what I believe and live by. This is why "4 Others Not U " is so important. We want to
inspire, uplift, and empower. You have to understand that your hurts, pains or habits are not 
exclusive to you . You have started your first step in recovering what you thought you lost
by coming here. Faith, Hope, Dignity and Relief come from letting go and not keeping it in.
Bullies can't Bully you, Drugs, Alcohol, Abuse, Lack Of Respect and life itself can't define nor
beat you. Only we can defeat ourselves. Start today, think of others first and 1 person at a
time we might be able to help heal the world. We can show others a better way. You don't
have to be alone, because your not. Some one out there feels like you(like I did). It is my
prayer that no one has to suffer, feel unloved or be alone. I want the positive light Of the
God to shine. Please understand we want all people to feel wanted here in a safe
You are loved and you do matter.