Kirk James Hall

Kirks Bio

Kirk James Hall
Kirk was born in Akron Ohio July 21st,1965.
He was born to sing and act. Since the age of 10 Kirk was in plays and singing in shows all over Ohio. Kirks father was first to noticed his son could sing. Kirk was leading his church choir at age 11. He was raised in the baptist church
Kirk grew up learning from and listening to Motown and all different types of music. Stevie Wonder to the Doobies and Michael McDonald. As Kirk matured he started singing and winning competitions all over. By the time Kirk went off to college where he made the Ohio State Football team and studied voice. Kirks voice professor was McHenry Boatwright the first Black Baritone to sing at Carnegie Hall. Under his tutelage After he freshman year at Ohio State Kirks parents moved to Georgia and this was the start of Kirks 20 plus year oddesey to where he is today.
After transferring down to Kennesaw State Kirk started meeting people in the local music scene. Kirk later studied and graduated from Atlanta’s Music Business Institute with an associate in music business management.
After graduation Kirk worked in a few Jazz Clubs running lights and sound and meeting other local artist. Kirk caught the attention of a manager named Earl Speedo Simms who used to be the road manager of Cameo and Brick. He signed on with Earl and honed his craft. He was writing allot of music during this time; when he got a call to audition for a version of the Legendary Platters. I auditioned for and got the lead vocalist position. Kirk signed a year contract and they were Flown to Spain. He spent 3 months in Barcelona and then went to Puerta De La Cruz, Tenerife In the Canary islands. Kirk spent 6 months there until he left to go back to Atlanta. Kirk had gotten engaged before he left for Spain so when he returned he got married to his wife of now 27 years. I was Blessed to sing with some incredible groups like local band Mysique”vocal eaze”. they taught Kirk the true meaning of tight harmonies. They performed all over and many large festivals. When Kirk left Mystique he got a chance to audition for a club gig with The Ruperts Orchestra in St.Louis, which he got the gig and moved his family which now included a baby son to St.Louis. Ruperts was the changing point in Kirk’s life. It was when then night life started to take over him. This was the point when drugs, alcohol and women took him to his own personal hell, only he didn’t know it. After a year in St.Louis Kirk was able to move back to Atlanta and get on with the Atlanta Ruperts. Now Ruperts in Atlanta was like the studio 54 of the South at the time and all the stars frequented there as well as local dignitaries and such. The drugs and alcohol and women were always thrown at him. Kirk was on his way to becoming a alcoholic and addict by now. Kirk stayed on with Ruperts for roughly 3 and a half years. After leaving Ruperts Kirk went to EMT school to get away from music and possibly change his life. After driving the ambulance for 1 year music kept calling. Through all this Kirk’s wife stayed with him and was his saving grace. They had another son and daughter at this time. Kirk got a call to sing with a version of the Platters in Mobile Alabama for 1 gig, with the Tams, the Coasters and the Drifters. This was Mc’d by the late Wolfman Jack at the Mobile Fair grounds. After doing that gig and upon return to Atlanta Kirk got a call to audition for the #1 show and dance band in the state of Alabama the Tip Tops. Kirk got the gig and once again moved his entire family to Mobile Alabama. During his stay with the Tip Tops, Kirk opened for The Temptations, the Four Tops, Confunction, Bacus Ball in New Orleans Mardi Gras. This was officiated by Tom

Arnold and they opened up for KC and the Sunshine band, as well as the Village People. Kirk and the Tip tops performed all over the US. By the time it was only by the grace of God and the calling on his life that he was not only still able to sing; but was still alive. Kirk’s wife had enough by now but they had 1 more child another daughter who helped keep the family together. The ultimatum was made for the family to move back to Atlanta or fot the marriage to end. Kirk made the decision to move the family back to Atlanta. They didn’t even know where they were going to stay. God had a plan and kept his hand on Kirk and family. When they got back to Atlanta the realtor who had just sold his parents a home to had another house that they did a lease purchase for. There is so much more to write but I will end it here. Kirk has performed all over the world been in rehab 5x but God still had a calling on his life.
Kirk has now been clean for 4 years and is a leader in both Celebrate Recovery and The Landing ministries. God has been downloading music at a rate faster the he can even write. Kirk is so Blessed to be able to sing and writing music, but even more Blessed to be Alive. Kirk is still married to that wonderful women of God who stayed by his side and whom is also part of those previously mentioned ministries. In Kirks’ words he doesn’t think he sings like he used to and his brains are not quite as fast as it used to but his mission is ordained by God. He is proud to give back in hopes that he can save others from his path to do the right thing. He is not perfect and is so proud of that fact because that means God is still doing a work in his life. His latest song he released Let Me See Lord, is exactly what is asks, its his plan not ours.

So Blessed By God Kirk James Hall