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“ great ”


Nairobi Kenya
“ God bless you Kirk an amazing voice bless the Lord with it ”


“ I like the way the singersings this song. ”


Nairobi Kenya


“ inspiring song ”


“ great music keep up the good work stay away from negative energy, thanks, always be blessed! ”


“ This sound is very encouraging ”

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Singer Kirk James Hall returns to his roots


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Kirk James Hall had a vision for his music career. He wanted to take his voice beyond Atlanta to perform worldwide. Kirk's dream came true. Kirk studied music at Ohio State University.After performing in Atlanta night clubs like Rupert's, Kirk hit the road. He sang with a version of Legendary Platters and Drifters. He was also a solo artist. Kirk opened for big acts like Elton John. However, success didn't always bring happiness. To lift himself from despair and self destructive actions Kirk decided he needed to return to his roots.

Kirk switched gears from secular music to worship and praise. He adds the Motown sound to uplifting, positive music. Kirk's new single Wash it Away is very comforting. The message is simple...give your problems to God and he will wash away your hurt. His vocals will remind you of Smokey Robinson. You can listen to Wash it Away here.

Music is a family affair for Kirk. His son Kamron Hall is also a singer and song writer. Kirk performed a Christmas program with his daughters in 2013. He and his family continue to perform and give speaking engagements in metro Atlanta. You can keep up with him on his website.

Kirk lives with his wife Leticia and their children in Roswell, Ga.

Kirk James Hall offers up a beautiful plea for understanding from God and his thanks for the lord’s guidance on his single, “Let Me See Lord.” Written, sung, and arranged by him, Hall’s angelic voice does a tremendous job of taking the listener into Hall’s heart and allowing them to truly feel the love and joy he’s trying to express. His voice is even able to transcend the song’s regrettably tinny sounding audio to make it a real treasure to listen to. “Let Me See Lord” opens with a simple drum beat before quickly opening up to include piano, keyboards, a surprisingly strong bassline, and of course, Hall’s voice. Soft and serene, he sings the titular phrase with a desire to truly understand the workings of God. But as the song continues, Hall also expresses his love of Christ, his thankfulness for his sacrifice, and his knowledge that Jesus and God will continue to be there for him. Really, the lyric is a portrait of a man who knows that the love of God is there, but is struggling enough at the time to need the reassurance. In that, the song is not just a personal testament, but it’s something many people can feel and rally behind. Hall’s voice shows just how grand it is as he builds up to some wonderfully sustained notes at the end of his verses. His range and power is reminiscent to that of Al Jarreau singing in a higher register. To that end, he also displays all the control and style that someone like Jarreau has, with the added benefit of singing a song that truly seems to resonate within his own heart. The backing vocals that support Hall give a gentle gospel feel to the song, but the bassline helps keep it moving, and the glockenspiel-like chimes provide a charming foundation for Hall to sing over. The only thing that brings the piece down a little bit is the recording quality, which is less than stellar, but it’s hard to fault an independent artist for this. There’s a noticeable amount of tape hiss and the song ends rather abruptly, but it’s still an amazing showcase for a stellar voice. “Let Me See Lord” is a beautifully written and composed song by Kirk James Hall that gospel fans can and should rejoice over. 
Artist: Kirk James Hall Single: “Let Me See Lord” Review by: Heath Andrews Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5)